Saturday, 15 October 2011

24 Comrades of XII Commerce

Twelfth commerce is our class room
For each one of us, its like our own room.

We are all different, but yet we are one.
And along with studies, we have a lot of fun.

We comrades are twenty four in number.
And here I describe, each single member.

Sangeetha Madam is our beloved mother.
She is a motivator like none another.

Midhuna is cute, pretty and simple.
And when she smile, we see a dimple.

Shersha almost never brings his lunch.
But his football skills have a power packed punch.

Rimshi's handwriting is the best in our class.
Its crystal clear like a sheet of glass.

Niyas cracks some hilarious jokes.
He is of great help to all his folks.

Never does Nigila stop her chatter,
Her voice's always heard, like rain's pitter patter.

Yashin is the greatest music lover.
His love for Enrique will last forever.

Remi is a friend to boys and girls alike.
And she has some talent behind the mic.

Vysakh's poems are long but cool.
And he's also the captain of the school.

Deepthi is the sole girl in the I.P class.
So is she the permanent leader of our class.

Ashel is our very own math wizard.
He solves all problems no matter how hard.

Varada always does hilarious blunders.
"Is she that stupid?" one often wonders.

Anoop is skilled with the paint and brush.
His drawings are always pristine and fresh.

Among girls, Neethu is the tallest.
But she speaks much less than all the rest.

Ubaid is  a die-hard M.J fan.
Without music, his life seems wan,

Anjitha might be a news-editor's choice,
For she has a sweet and versatile voice.

Shabeer's physique is exceptionally fine.
And on Facebook he is always online.

Rejina seems to have magnified eyes,
Her spectacle lenses, thick as ice.

Amil always have a lot of hunches.
And he asks doubts & questions in bunches.

Nitin is full of bubbling energy.
And he likes to call all of us: "Buji"

Alok has the most hilarious laugh.
Its often mistaken for a painful cough.

Nishanth is a maestro in playing the flute,
And whenever we hear it, we listen to it mute.

Vishnu's songs are given high rating.
But his loud mouth can be irritating.

Prince often tops every single test.
He never gives his brain some sort of rest.

Abijith studies al the time since,
His only aim is to catch up with Prince.

We're always together, we live as a team.
Andour class is always beautiful, as if it's a dream


  1. osssssssssmm........:) :) :)
    ooops....touch wood!!! hope ur beautiful class stays d same 4ever...:)

  2. Thanks Anuja. By the way, what's touch wood?? Didn't get you.....

  3. Awesome one mate!! Pakshe "Varada" nnu vaayichappo onnu pakachu.. Nobody of us used to call her Varada..She was, is and always will be our very own "V.V" :D :D

  4. He he......
    She still is...
    Just didn't want to lose the rhythm of the poem.....