Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Long Lost Friend

Nostalgia is the best of feelings.
It gives us some respite from our daily dealings.

Nothing equals that feeling we get,
While thinking of moments, we don't wanna forget.

But at times nostalgia can be an ache,
Like driving through our heart, a long and sharp stake.

It indeed is painful whenever I think,
Of my long lost friend, it makes my heart sink.

Never have I seen her, for we met online,
But for me our friendship was true and fine.

We had much in common, our birthdays for instance,
But alas! our friendship wasn't meant to be constant.

She disappeared one day from the cyberspace.
She gave no reason and left no trace.

She influenced my life, she left a mark,
But now she's gone and I'm groping in dark.

I tried to figure out where we went wrong,
But I'm still clueless. And it's been so long.

Maybe I was too boring to endure,
Maybe she felt that I'm not pure.

Maybe she thought I was just any other
Stupid guy. And that's why she did not bother.

Still I miss her. I feel her absence.
And all these emotions make no sense.

But hey! That's life. You shouldn't lose hope.
Be brave my heart, 'coz there still is hope.

We will meet if we are destined to meet,
And I wait for that day, it sure will be sweet.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Vain Attempt

Tonight seems to be the perfect time,
To immerse myself in poetry’s rhyme.

The ambience is right and the mood is set,
A better chance, I may never get.

So here I sit, I have a poem to write,
And at this moment, everything seems right.

But wait,

Who’ll do the Accountancy homework?
Gosh, my ledger really needs some patchwork.

I’ve got a couple of theorems to learn,
In Economics, and my teacher is rather stern.

Principles of management, in Business must be read,
My teacher stresses it as if it’s my daily bread.

Java and SQL must be filled in my head,
If not I can’t keep my I.P class’s thread.

My English note resembles an empty well,
It should be filled with notes, pell-mell

Thus, its better that I let go of this thought,
Of writing a poem ‘coz I gotta do a lot.

So I close my diary and to my text I'm hooked,
The dish of my poem still remains uncooked.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


I feel as if I’m the luckiest chap
Whom you’ll ever find on a wide world map.

‘Coz I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I love ‘em a lot
They are my life and I owe ‘em a lot.

My life is at its best when I’m with my mates.
They make me feel as if I’m at heaven’s gates.

They stand by my side, and they’ll always be there.
Be it night or be it day, they just never care.

When sorrows eclipse the happiness in my life
Their hands lift me up from all that strife.

Whenever I falter, their hands support me.
They are ready to share my sorrows, whatever they may be.

They give me a shoulder for me to cry on.
They always inspire me, egging me on.

At times, all it takes, is a punch in the shoulder
From my best friends to make me bolder.

They never fail to punch me when I’m in need.
That punch is an advice, to which I always heed.

They laugh with me, they make me smile.
They try to keep me, happy all the while.

I’m a single child which at times makes me sad,
But my friends are my siblings I’ve never had.

Oh guys… I love y’all so much.
And I always wanna keep in touch.

Happy Friendship day my dear dearest F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I’ll cherish these friendship till my life ends.

Dedicated to all my dear dearest friends……
 Love you all…