Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Midnight Rain

Her arrival, heralded by a mighty gale,
Had all its grandeur and inspiring awe.

The gentle breeze, soon gathered speed,
Like an immense engine, wheezing on a rail

The first of droplets soon followed by,
Raising from the earth an enchanting musk.

Invisible in the dark, the soothing shower,
Soon she grew into a heavy downpour.

The spray was amazingly seductive and cold,
Cloaking the earth with an aqueous shroud.

But this shroud refreshes, rejuvenates and nurture,
New life, the yearning sapling's green.

Then came a blinding light so bright,
The midnight seemed to witness a sunrise.

Following which, there was a deafening thunder,
And the earth almost gave a shudder.

All this while she kept her stead,
And a chilling breeze stole into my bed.

Goosebumps erupted upon her touch,
Sending shivers up my spine.

Midnight rain the enchantress, amuses me always,
For each time she arrives with a different face.