Sunday, 14 October 2012


Peg No: 1 down
2                    3


4,5                6?
6, 7, 7, 7...

Time to switch modes
Mode: Preacher

I wanna talk
You must listen, think, but don't care
Don't give a damn but listen, think
Care you mustn't but listen, think you must
Listen, think about everything but about none do care

I'm in full conscience

Widen but stick to your views
Change but don't be changed
I'm imperfect, so are you
But more perfect I guess I'm than you
Don't be changed but change
I think you have but I don't think you haven't

I'm in full conscience

I'll be what I be, a damn I won't give
But Change have You to
You have to but Change

I'm in full conscience

Change, listen,think, widen, grow
Widen, Change
Chaden, Winge

    Ch...    Wi...

Peg No:    7     8...

                  Mode Switch: Hilarious
               Laughter Laughter Laughter

Peg No:    9     10 (bottoms-up, nearly raw)

                  Mode Switch: Silencio


Friday, 5 October 2012

So much for my Solitude

From atop the Publications building,
The campus cloaked in dark velvet,
Pinpricks of cellphone lights pointing down,
EFLUites scampering hither and thither.

Me enjoying the bliss and the wind,
Eyes comfy without jabbing lights,
A bunch of Gazals to soothe my heart,
Sitting, God-like, watching EFL-U from above.

Stars twinkling up in the sky,
Silence slowly embracing me whole,
Into a trance state I almost reach,
Passing sweetly over to oblivion.

Invaders, trespassers, privacy thieves.
Noisy as toads, ravens, cicadas.

Shattering the vase of silence with a push.
So much for my Solitude.