Wednesday, 20 March 2013

An Ode to my Pen-Drive

O, my Sandisk Cruzerblade, how I miss thee,

Your body, sleek, compact and slim
Fitting so well in the palm of my hand.
Your name engraved in red over black,
Syllables joined together, like a nylon strand.

Your contours, so smooth and curvy,
That elliptical little void at your base.
I never tied you down, never stringed you up,
O is that why you left me, left me in haze.

Your two halves, blood red and coal black,
Fused together like a musical phrase.
The red half streaked with pure white,
Revealing your self and soul in boldface.

Your heart, 3.71 GB, was immense, kind,
Taking in my sorrow, my joy and my sin.
Promising to hold on till the end of eternity,
Bearing me, traumatic or joyous, through thick and thin.

O how you loved me, but careless was I,
For I left you in a lonely place, on a delirious day.
Forgive me, for I was tired, strained,
And I lost you forever, on that fateful day.

You were an unsheathed sword, never did I cap you.
And I loved you for your open, naked maw.
The swiftness and promptness of your responses,
Used to fill me with amazement, with awe.

But you have left me, left me alone
With memories to be cherished, though sparse.
Although no one will ever fill your void, sorry
I’ll buy another, for I sorely need storing space.