Monday, 28 November 2011


Solitude is nothing new to me,
Lonely is the way I'm meant to be.

I'm fickle-minded, so am I selfish.
But at times for some care, I do wish.

I've fallen in love far too often,
And each time I failed, I felt like an orphan.

I do make friendships, but they never last long,
Too soon to be real I hear their swan song.

Often I walk alone through the crowd,
As if I'm invisible, covered in a shroud.

I've long forgotten how I should smile.
I feel like I'm something dirty and vile.

I used to write, back in some good old time,
But now I can hardly make two words rhyme.

My happy face is what others always see,
But beneath the surface, I'm a storm-hit sea.

I cry in agony, I scream in its pain,
But no one listens, my efforts in vain.

I'm just a shadow, void of a soul,
I wander aimlessly, without a goal.

Maybe my destiny is fixed this way,
Or maybe happiness will come to me someday.

I try to think positive, and not to lose hope,
And that's how with this misery, of my life I cope.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Kitty's Tale

It is amazing to watch a kitty grow up
It’s even better when you watch it close up.

He’s always near his loving mother.
She’s so caring, like none another.

But at times, fun and adventure he seeks.
And away from his watchful mother, he sneaks.

He runs around, O! He’s a happy child
The fun and excitement makes him go wild.

With his imaginary friend, he seems to fight,
But all this he does out of his mother’s sight.

He learns a lot while he is in this game,
He has to, or else it’ll be a shame.

He learns to hunt, he learns stealth,
All these work-outs help to keep up his health.

He is curious; obviously he’s a cat,
And is often seen fighting with our floor mat.

He is as white as snow and has a fluffy tail.
But his paws are muddy, they leave a dirt trail.

He’s so cute and cuddly to look at,
His innocent stare is hard to forget.

He meows whenever I pass him by,
O! You can’t help but love this little guy.