Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Precious

The Sun was rising on that Monday morning,
As the clock struck six, I woke up yawning.

Things couldn’t have been any more normal,
As I set out for school, dressed in a formal.

As I reached the class, I found it abuzz,
All my friends excited, I thought, “What’s the fuss”.

“There’s a new girl over there”, someone said.
Naturally curious, I turned my head.

My eyes met another beautiful pair,
So mesmerizing, that they forced me to stare.

In the next very instant I saw her face,
And the world disappeared without a trace.

She was the only one visible to me,
And I felt this is where I was meant to be.

For a wonderful moment, I was rendered speechless,
All my fears and tensions seemed baseless.

Gravity was no longer binding me on earth,
It was her, the source of all my mirth.

Then I saw her smile, like a starlight gleam,
It was just too beautiful to be a dream.

With that perfect and beautiful image,
Angles for me were no longer a mirage.

I looked around and found everything glowing,
All sounds were pleasant as if a brook was flowing

Suddenly the world was clear and bright,
As if touched by Sun’s purest light.

And there she sat smiling and glad
It was the best of days I ever had.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Friendship 2012

Friendship these days is not among mates,
But among “Likes” and “Status Updates”.

Your friendship needs to be so expressed,
That anyone who sees it is perplexed.

Show off your slams and autographs,
Upload your friendship as photographs.

Lets see who gets the most comments,
And let that be your friendship’s best of moments.

Forget about talking, it doesn’t make any sense.
Facebook is friendship’s real essence.

When you feel happy, don’t simply smile,
Add lots of “:)” for that’s the new style.

If you cry when you’re sad, you are being a fool,
Just post a “:(“ ‘coz that’s uber-cool.

Laughing, right now is a really old fashion,
“LOL!” seems to have much more passion.

If you miss a friend, talking isn’t the real way to show
Post it on their wall, let the whole world know.

Spill out as much of cheese as you can,
And you’ll be adopted into F.B’s clan.

Don’t talk to your neighbors, are you insane?
Go make some friends in Paris or Spain.

Why waste time going to a friend’s house,
When they are available at the click of a mouse?

Why call your friends when SMS is easy?
It’s fab, it’s cool and so is it sleazy.

This, my “friends”, is friendship’s new style.
Oops, gotta go check my F.B profile.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Outside The Window

Many a times I get stuck in my room,
Glued to my textbooks like lint on a broom.

Soon I get bored and cooks up a dream,
That's the best I can do to stifle a scream.

But at times my window becomes my friend,
And I look outside with the eyes that he lend.

The scene outside remains rather same,
But never do I find it one bit lame.

I look for and find out changes, subtle,
Like a sparrow's chirp or a scorpion's scuttle.

I see a couple so madly in love,
They chase each other from bough to bough.

Then there is a mother, her child is her life,
She feeds him and cares him, whatever be the strife.

There are the workers, diligent, never derelict
And though very tiny, they never leave a deficit.

I've been watching this orchard since the age of ten,
It has changed a lot from what it was then.

Each time I look, I find something new.
Curiosity will always remain, as fresh as morning dew.