Monday, 28 November 2011


Solitude is nothing new to me,
Lonely is the way I'm meant to be.

I'm fickle-minded, so am I selfish.
But at times for some care, I do wish.

I've fallen in love far too often,
And each time I failed, I felt like an orphan.

I do make friendships, but they never last long,
Too soon to be real I hear their swan song.

Often I walk alone through the crowd,
As if I'm invisible, covered in a shroud.

I've long forgotten how I should smile.
I feel like I'm something dirty and vile.

I used to write, back in some good old time,
But now I can hardly make two words rhyme.

My happy face is what others always see,
But beneath the surface, I'm a storm-hit sea.

I cry in agony, I scream in its pain,
But no one listens, my efforts in vain.

I'm just a shadow, void of a soul,
I wander aimlessly, without a goal.

Maybe my destiny is fixed this way,
Or maybe happiness will come to me someday.

I try to think positive, and not to lose hope,
And that's how with this misery, of my life I cope.


  1. Or maybe happiness will come to u someday.....
    dis 1's d line 4 you....:)
    u c...u have d answers ....d thing is....u dnt realise....:)

  2. Oh I'm tremendously optimistic.... :D

  3. This is good.