Saturday, 9 February 2013

Contemplation At An Ungodly Hour

Here I sit under the Banyan Tree,
Waiting for Enlightenment?
I don't really know.
It's three in the morning.

A mating war among some dogs,
For the only bitch in their midst,
Is being raged before my eyes.
Eat, Drink, Sleep and Fuck.
Must be a nice way to live.

This is the apparent time when the veil is the thinnest,
Among mere mortals and eternal immortals.
But as I wait, nothing comes my way,
Neither living nor dead, just a vague, faint rustle.

It must be nice to meet one of those who have moved on,
For they might have solved the cliches that haunt the human mind.
Or maybe they're equally unclear, searching for respite still.
Maybe they hope together we can unravel the mysteries unsolved.

Waiting for the unlikely tryst, a thought flitted by my mind.
Maybe I'm not who think I am.
Maybe I am someone else in my makeup.
Maybe I don't exist at all.
But I think: "I don't", ergo I am.

The dogs are back and are now howling at me.
It's said they sense the paranormal.
Is the tryst about to happen? Or maybe it's just me.

Still, I sit here, staring into an abyss.
Searching answers for the questions unknown.
And here I have another scribble, another squiggle,
Upping my blog-post number by one.


  1. Sometimes, I just don't get any words to comment on your posts because anything I write will fail to appreciate your writing the way it needs to be. This is one of those times. I love this poem!

  2. :) Background: 3 in the morning, sitting under my banyan tree in the campus after a friend's birthday :D

  3. Must be really nice to sit under a banyan tree at that time