Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Girl's Death

A column in today's newspaper read:
"An eight year old girl was dead,
When the bomb she was carrying exploded"

The incident took place in Afghanistan,
A major epicenter of Taliban

The girl was recruited as a suicide bomber.
But the mission failed and she was lo longer.

It shook me hard. It touched my heart.
It pierced my conscience like a sharp long dart.

What made her carry a bomb in her hand,
When she should've been dreaming of a fairy land?

She should've held a book not a bomb.
Her life should've been sweet like a golden honeycomb.

At an age when she should've been showered with love,
She was killed, she was murdered Oh my God, but how?

What were they thinking? Those filthy a**holes.
When they gave a bomb to the tender soul?

Did they not see her innocent face?
Or were they blinded by some unknown haze?

I imagine her face, pristine and sweet.
Now blown into bits and pieces of meat.

She's dead, she's gone. Nipped in the bud.
Prey to those, who yearn for young blood.

What's our world coming to? Is it an apocalypse?
Human minds are darkened, as if by an eclipse.

Benevolence and pity are nowhere to be seen.
Greed and lust just dominate the scene.

If this is the world, what's the purpose of life?
Its better we die and not face so much strife.

Children are considered the rays of hope.
But when they are murdered, there's no more scope.

Human evolution, was a blunder by nature.
And as a result, she's facing a dark future.

We need some advice, we need an Oracle.
Let's hope a solution evolves like a miracle.


  1. Very good! This is something that we all need to think about ! You're right! It's as if there's no more kindness left in people's minds and no more peace left in the world!

  2. really good one...but i think u could hav edited..wat wer they thinking.....tender soul..i think u gt it..anywy its just my opinion..ur too good dude :)

  3. @varada: Thanx yaar....
    @yashin: Even I thought of editing. But I couldn't find a better word to express that raw emotion in my mind