Thursday, 30 June 2011

Identitiy Crisis

I’m confused about my reality.
I just can’t figure out my true identity.

Physically I’m one, but mentally I’m many.
The role’s I play are just too many.

I’m facing sort of an identity crisis.
I play many roles on a daily basis.

For my parents I’m their obedient boy,
And on me depends much of their joy.

I’m a diligent student when I’m at school,
Searching for wisdom in that big knowledge pool.

When I’m with friends I’m a whole new person.
I laugh, I swear; I see no reason.

I let myself go and try to be open.
But yet that isn’t me. I’m not fully open.

Thus I play many different roles.
If I define them all, I’ll need many paper rolls.

So who am I in blood and bone?
I am what I am, only when I’m alone.

I solve my crisis and resolve to have fun.
But the moment I step out, its back to square one.