Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Importance of Lying

Most of you may disapprove of this fact,
But lying is in fact an important act.

If all the lies, from this world disappear,
The earth would no longer remain a sphere.

Lies are just like the air we breathe,
Always around, like a covering sheath.

Its impossible to tell truth and lie apart,
Even if you are pure at heart.

They are all around us. All these lies,
They’re too much entangled in our lives.

Without lies, there won’t be any advices.
Nor will there be any more surprises.

Inspiring speeches will not be made,
Nor will you get an excellent grade.

The so-called “love” will not exist,
And all differences will be settled by fist.

The concept of family will surely break down,
And the faces of people will always have a frown.

There’ll be no more “thanks”. Nor will there be “sorry”.
And courtesy will be an unheard story.

There won’t be friendship or any such crap.
And you won’t find nations in a map.

Hell!! Without lies there’ll be nothing at all.
No culture, no God, no civilization et al.

The world as we know it is built upon lies.
So is everything. So are our lives.

So please do lie, ‘coz it’s really important,
Or else our lives would surely be shortened.


  1. dis 1's not good as ur previous ones....nd der i am....lying..!!! ;) too gud vysakh...:) !!

  2. if life is lies we all are liarssssssssssss.but there is one truth............even with the lies life is not a sweet experience

  3. I do agree that we are all liars. But one thing I gotta say is that lies help a lot in keeping our lives sane.....
    BTW, who is this????