Thursday, 1 September 2011


I’ve always wondered why I’m lonely.
I’ve been a loner. The one and the only.

A fortress of solitude is where I live in.
And at times I really get bored out of my skin.

Recently I figured out the reason for all this.
But that doesn’t give me a lot if bliss.

I’m like a mirror, a reflective plane.
I’m just a glass sheet, void of a brain.

I reflect the people whom I meet.
Back at themselves, clean and neat.

When you talk to me, you’re talking with you.
And you see yourself in your exact same hue.

You mistake me for your ideal pair.
For I’m like you, and a lot we share.

At first you like it, ‘coz you are with “you”.
And reflections like me, they are far too few.

But then you realize, I’ve nothing of my own.
“Ah, what an idiot”, you silently groan.

Gradually you pull away, steady and slow.
A long distance away from me you go.

I go through this like, all the time.
My value for most of them is less than a dime.

I’m just a reflection, merely an image.
That’s why I’m alone, like a bird in a cage.

No one lingers in my life. I’m single.
I search for a friend, who’s ready to mingle.

But when mirrors come together, they make a wonderful gleam.
Infinite reflections. Beautiful like in a dream.

So one day I’m gonna find a mirror just like me.
I’ll never be alone and together we will be.


  1. that's an interesting poem..I loved the last 2 stanzas very much :)