Sunday, 11 December 2011


A shadow, like an extended hand of the night,
Was creeping on the moon, which was shining bright.

Just like an ink bloat spreading on a paper,
The blemish was moving, like a mystical vapor.

At first I was puzzled and was taken by surprise,
At this dark spot, marring the beauty of moon rise.

But then I remembered, it was the eclipse tonight,
When the celestial orbs play with shadow and light.
The spectacle was unfolding right before my eyes,
For my parched mind it was an invaluable prize.

The shadow was spreading with every passing moment
The beauty of the sight made it difficult to comment

In a short time the full moon transformed to a crescent,
Curved and pointed like the sickle of a peasant.

Then it happened, the epitome of the event,
Oh my! What a change did the Moon underwent.

There it was, more charming than any ruby stone,
Metaphors are worthless, it has a beauty of its own.

I wonder if Endymion met Cynthia on such a day,
One can't resist this sight, try as hard as he may.

But no marvel will last forever, that's sure,
Even if it's pristine, serene and pure.

Soon, a white glow was seen beneath the red,
As if the Moon was rising from the bed.

Slowly the shadows were inching out,
Soon to be reduced to a stubby little snout.

At last her face was completely clear,
And she shone bright without the trace of a smear.

The beauty of moonlight will always remain,
Giving me comfort, whenever I'm in pain.


  1. Wonderful...did you watch the lunar eclipse the other day? I like the last line very much :) :)

  2. Oh yes I did. That's why I wrote this. :D

  3. Its very nice!!!!!