Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sans Love

There used to be a time when I was madly in love
When each day of m life seemed a treasure trove.

She was my world and her breath, my life.
Her existence was the reason for me being alive.

Nights used to be endless, dreams were kept at bay.
Topics were limitless, sleep never came our way.

Reality became a mirage and the mirage seemed real,
For such was the power of love, exotic and surreal.

Never did I give a thought, “What after this”?
For around me was love’s all consuming bliss.

But sooner or later, the mirage has to end.
And when it did, I was left alone to fend.

I nearly lost my mind for so high was my fall.
Instead of sprinting, now time seemed to crawl.

The world faded into black, then came a binding light.
My eyes hurt, so did my brain, I lost all my fight.

Nights remained endless, but filled with numbing pain.
Sleep simply eluded me, all my efforts in vain.

An idol was crushed and was displaced.
There was no way for it to be replaced.

After love comes agony and regret.
Its an experience not easy to forget.

Sans love there lies a gaping black hole.
Waiting in its haunches to consume us in whole.