Friday, 3 February 2012

Outside The Window

Many a times I get stuck in my room,
Glued to my textbooks like lint on a broom.

Soon I get bored and cooks up a dream,
That's the best I can do to stifle a scream.

But at times my window becomes my friend,
And I look outside with the eyes that he lend.

The scene outside remains rather same,
But never do I find it one bit lame.

I look for and find out changes, subtle,
Like a sparrow's chirp or a scorpion's scuttle.

I see a couple so madly in love,
They chase each other from bough to bough.

Then there is a mother, her child is her life,
She feeds him and cares him, whatever be the strife.

There are the workers, diligent, never derelict
And though very tiny, they never leave a deficit.

I've been watching this orchard since the age of ten,
It has changed a lot from what it was then.

Each time I look, I find something new.
Curiosity will always remain, as fresh as morning dew.


  1. It's a delightful poem :) And different too :) Nice ..

  2. nice As ALWAYS!!!!!!