Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Precious

The Sun was rising on that Monday morning,
As the clock struck six, I woke up yawning.

Things couldn’t have been any more normal,
As I set out for school, dressed in a formal.

As I reached the class, I found it abuzz,
All my friends excited, I thought, “What’s the fuss”.

“There’s a new girl over there”, someone said.
Naturally curious, I turned my head.

My eyes met another beautiful pair,
So mesmerizing, that they forced me to stare.

In the next very instant I saw her face,
And the world disappeared without a trace.

She was the only one visible to me,
And I felt this is where I was meant to be.

For a wonderful moment, I was rendered speechless,
All my fears and tensions seemed baseless.

Gravity was no longer binding me on earth,
It was her, the source of all my mirth.

Then I saw her smile, like a starlight gleam,
It was just too beautiful to be a dream.

With that perfect and beautiful image,
Angles for me were no longer a mirage.

I looked around and found everything glowing,
All sounds were pleasant as if a brook was flowing

Suddenly the world was clear and bright,
As if touched by Sun’s purest light.

And there she sat smiling and glad
It was the best of days I ever had.