Sunday, 13 May 2012

Atop a hill

With each step I was getting closer to heaven,
Ascending the majestic hill to its very peak.

As I reached the hilltop, my mouth went agape,
For such was the beauty that graced my eyes.

The panorama was spread all around, like an immense oil painting.

Of all the artists abound, nature is the best,
I realised without the slightest trace of a doubt.

The green was so profuse, immense, rich,
The greenest of nature I've so far seen.

Dotting the green were intermittent houses,
Instead of blemishing, the beauty they enriched.

Crickets could be heard all around,
Creating a symphony, out of cacophonies.

As the Sun's rays vanished came the biting wind,
Raising goosebumps all along my skin.

Far away from the deep valleys and gorges,
Rose a captivating mist, like clouds on Earth.

It rose, blanketing the hills, turning them,
To the floating mountains of the great Pandora.

I was humbled, dwarfed, impressed, in that one moment,
For I was standing on the gateway to heaven

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