Monday, 7 May 2012

End of a Journey

Sitting by the window, with wind messing my hair,
I breath in the freshness of a wonderful twilight.

Trees swiftly sprint past me,
Blurring my sight with soothing green.
The gentle jostle of the cabin rocks me,
Like the beats and trills of an old melody.

Often the green changes its hue,
To the pitch black roughness of a rocky tunnel.
And so does the heart beat of my cabin,
Changing at once into a deafening roar.

The fields rushing by remain smothered in dew,
While out over the horizon spreads, a crimson hue.

As the first of rays cross my cabin's threshold,
A warmth spreads dispelling the cold.

Slowly my companions begin to stir,
Strangers, though comrades, for one single night.

Soon the Sun rose high, its yet another day,
Time to alight from my home-for-one-day.

Standing at the station, I see it rushing away,
Carting its tenants-for-one-single-day.


  1. just out of curiousty!
    what made u to write this poem?
    journey to trivandrum?

  2. Yup. Just as I was reaching the Angadipuram Station... :)