Tuesday, 4 September 2012


On many occasions in my daily life, I fall into some unique, weird and at times interesting relationships. Some last, but some don’t. And all of them are rather insignificant. In fact, they are so insignificant that I'm not sure whether or not they can be called relations in the strict sense of term. But whatever be the proper name for these "relations", they are pretty intriguing to look at. And I thought I would try and make a small blog post out of it.

So here they are. Relations:

1. The Watchman Relation
I fell into this relation after reaching EFL-University, and I have a pretty good feeling that this is a relation that will last.
I'm usually one of the first daily visitors to the library reading room and my name would most surely figure in the first twenty names of the day's register. This regularity was the base of my relation with the watchman of the reading room. And the extent of this relation is a simple exchange of a "Good Morning" along with a sweet, pleasant smile.

2. The Reading Room Relation
As obvious from the name, this relation took root in the reading room. It is with one of the reading room regulars (like me).
I honestly don't know the name of the guy or what he does at the university. All that I do know is that we both have a mutual interest for "The Hindu". We figured it out within a week of our first meeting. These days, whoever reaches the reading room first reads "The Hindu" and then reserves it till the other person arrives. And of course, we exchange a smile when we meet outside of the reading room.

3. The Hostel Wing Relation
Many people residing in big hostels might have fallen into this relationship. This one, again, rises out of regularity. The terms and conditions are simple: You meet an unfamiliar person daily at a fixed time at a fixed place in your wing and in due course, they become familiar and you start to smile at them or greet them with a nod. Both on your regular meetings and when you meet by chance. Again, this is a relation that stands a chance of longevity.

4. The Miscellany
These are short-lived but interesting relations and often happens when one is out shopping or taking a casual stroll. And at times, they can be rather funny as well.
Here are some instances.

You are in a mall, a stranger near you takes out their cell, start dialing and coincidentally, you get a call. You exchange a look of wonder with them, smile and walk away.

You are walking  on the pavement. The person coming in the opposite direction is wearing the same dress as you. Your eyes meet, a smile is exchanged, finite.

You are shopping. You want to have the last remaining piece of an item on the shelf, but someone else takes it just as you are reaching for it. You exchange a frown, unpleasant. walk away.

You are at a zebra crossing. You start walking inattentively into the traffic, someone stops you just in time. You blush, manage to mumble a "Thank You" and maybe a smile as well.

You are on your own in an unfamiliar city. You ask someone for directions, they give it to you with a smile(hopefully!), you smile back and thank them, a pleasant relation.

And finally, the best of all such micro-relations. You see a minor accident in front of you, you rush to their aid, and a few good Samaritans do likewise. And instantly, you work as a team. A truly noble relation.

I see such relations all around me and I can go on and on about them. I find it of great interest to observe them and frequently, falling in them.
Trust me, its fun.