Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vista at Night

The sky is never dark.
The city never sleeps.
Life thrives and flourishes,
In every nook and cranny.

Bathed in a golden light,
The city, before my eyes.
The horizon is bright, distant,
Unintelligible from the sky.

Houses sprawl, a giant Lego town.
All of them bathed in light.
Shimmering, incandescent,
Staying awake, for an eternity.

And now the moon shows up,
In his weak, tired gleam.
Trying, in vain, to shine over,
The amber, brilliant glow.

Far, near the horizon, the cars.
They move in a jewel-set wave.
Dotting the landscape like a million stars,
For there are none seen, up in the sky.

I see dogs prowling the alleys,
In search of food, or shelter,
Or maybe for a bitch to hump.
The true children of midnight.

I hear the piercing whistle,
Of a train in a distance.
Ferrying commuters across,
From darkness unto light.

Standing up here, listening to-
The secrets, wind with me share,
I feel a humble oneness in me,
There is no longer "I", only "be".

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