Monday, 5 November 2012

The Road

The Road goes on. A long way
My sight is blurred by a misty fog
I see the tarmac beneath my soles
But looking onward, I see not a thing

This road I'm walking, where does it lead?
Does it bend, does it fork, is it long or short?
Or does it simply drop over a precipice's edge?
The fog is too thick, sight, too blurred

Is it destined to hit a dead end?
Or will it just lead on, void of purpose?
And walking on, I'll fall, disintegrate?
The fog is too thick, sight, too blurred

Is the road smooth, even and level?
Is it with potholes and cracks ridden?
Will my journey's end ever be reached?
The fog is too thick, sight, too blurred

All I can do is stick to the road
Nearly blind, but walk up ahead
Knowing for sure, the end will be reached
Carry myself on for miles to come


  1. this remind me of robert frost's poem the road not taken........well, its pretty good

  2. Yeah, it has a resemblance to Frost's wotks.. the last part felt like the finishing lines of 'Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening'. Its good.