Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I feel trapped in an algorithm. More specifically, in an algorithm stuck in an infinite loop. An infinite loop happens when the response to a conditional statement routes back to the higher nodal decision making level thus bringing the algorithm back to the conditional statement. If the default, or only possible response to the conditional statement is the one that routes back to a higher level, the algorithm keeps repeating itself over and over again until a loop break is introduced.

I think I badly need a loop break.

This algorithm I’m stuck in, it’s unnatural. And the scary part, is that even though I know it’s unnatural, I tend to accept it as completely natural. I have been conditioned from the very beginning to believe that order is the way to be. Chaos are nothing but problems. Maybe it’s not. Maybe we didn’t get that part right.

Order is only to keep things bound. To keep things bound and keep the algorithm going. Because the algorithm has to go on. It’s like a cogwheel in the cosmic charade of a master thinker. We are not even pawns, we are lesser than pawns. We are the insignificant speck in a gigantic chessboard.
That’s why the outbursts don’t matter. And oh, have there been outbursts! Many a thousand created a loop break and escaped their ever-repeating algorithms which they saw was superimposed almost exactly on another one, which was on another one and on and on to 7 billion algorithms.

They flew above and around the cornfield of human algorithms and created literature, music, cinema and whatnot. And all this was original and brilliant. Shards of these literature and music and cinema and whatnot fell on to the self replicating(through mindless fornicating) human algorithms. They slowly seeped in and was absorbed by some human algorithms. It got into the system and created extra lines of code which shat out cheap and numerous rip-offs of the imagination of the free beings.

The shards of original imagination and the outcome the extra lines of code shat out has hardened the structure of our algorithms.

I badly need to break out.

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