Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mary Jane

Why do people hate you so much Mary Jane?
What have you done to piss them off?
I’ve known you since two years past.
And I would never let you go if I could.

Your sweet kisses have taken me places  I didn’t know of.
Have made me feel things delicate and fragile.
You re-routed the rushing rivers inside me.
From the tranquil planes of denial and ignorance,
To the gorges and valleys of stark reality.

You opened my eyes to the rhythm of my self.
And I found my id, ego and superego in front of me
Like three little piggies.
My eyes are now open.
And I can see.

Still people hate you Mary Jane.
But they love Uncle Daniel and friends.
As if they aren’t a handful!
Are they scared of you Mary Jane?
They probably are.
After all, they’re just men.

Oh sweet Mary Jane!
I wish people didn’t hate you so much.
I wish I didn’t have to kiss you in secret.
I wish


  1. I dunno what I love more about this; the lack of orderliness in lines/rhyme or the sweet simplicity of this. But I love this!