Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Breaking Dawn

Early morning is an awesome sight,
When dawn awakes from the depth of night.

I got a chance to watch the twilight,
The beauty was surreal, I felt feather light.

The crescent moon seemed to be a broken ring,
As if lost from the finger of a king.

Surrounding the moon were the remaining stars
Just like droplets from Unicorn scars.

A pale light was peeking from behind horizon,
A reddish glow turning rapidly to crimson

It was a wet dawn, the onset of monsoon,
It had rained yesterday, mother nature's boon.

The chirping of crickets could still be heard,
The swan songs before being meals of a bird.

An owl was hooting on a nearby tree,
Off to a sleep after a hunting spree.

The Sun was rising, spreading warmth all around,
The world was rising, healthy and sound.

Chirping of birds were the first of the voices,
That reached my ears. Ah! the best among choices.

The world is awake, off to another day,
The usual daily business, is about to get under way.

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