Friday, 27 May 2011

New Moon

Today it’s the full moon up in the sky,
But in my mind the new moon is on the high.

Just like the sky, all dark and dull,
My mind is blank. All too still.

Good bye’s been said,
Farewell’s been bid.

There is no longer a scope.
Not the slightest hope.

She’s gone from my life, oh yes she’s gone,
But damn, I’ll miss her, I feel so alone.

Gone is my love. Its there no more,
My life is empty, nothing to store.

She felt bad ‘coz I gave her pain.
Now there’s no comeback, all my efforts in vain.

It was a short, but cute love story
Now that it’s over, I feel terribly sorry.

Where I went wrong? I myself don’t know.
It’s all over, the end of the show.

My life is as bleak as a winter landscape.
From this agony, there’s no escape.

I’m so sad, so full of sorrow.
I don’t know what’s awaiting me tomorrow.

I tried to hate her, I tried to forget.
But I’m unable to let go of that bloody regret.

I let her go, it was my bad.
And the goddamn grief is driving me mad.

Oh! Can I ever forgive myself?
I guess not, I was so full of myself.

That’s been the problem all along,
My stupid ego, as big as King Kong.

The poem of my love, an unfinished work
Cannot be revived, that’s my bad luck.

Everyday of my life is now a new moon
A reprieve from this, I won’t get it any soon.


  1. bro...u r just awesum...keep going!!!! wishes