Monday, 2 May 2011

Good Bye

She was my very first crush.
Whenever we met, I used to blush.

She was one of those few perfect girls.
She was as perfect as those rare shiny pearls.

“Beautiful” is not the word for her.
“Gorgeous” would be somewhat better.

She can’t be expressed with a single worthless word,
For her charm is almost beyond this world.

She is soft-spoken, and is good natured,
So is her face, perfectly featured.

I never thought I would be so sad,
When she’s gone. Oh! Its driving me mad.

The thought that we won’t meet again,
Is slicing my heart, causing a lot of pain.

My eyes are welling with tears, which is rare,
I don’t cry often, ‘coz pain, I can bear.

But such grief, I’ve felt never before.
The pain of parting, its unbearably more.

“Why would I miss her?” I start to think,
“As you never talk”. But still there is a link.

Between me and her, known only to me.
I never voiced it, for it was not meant to be.

At this juncture, there’s nothing I can do.
She is going. And that fact is true.

Oh Ash, I’ll miss you so much.
And I dearly hope I can keep in touch.

I know it isn’t possible, but still I wish,
‘Coz that’s the only thing I can accomplish.

I wish you the best, hope you remain the same.
And for sometime at least, you remember my name.

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