Saturday, 9 July 2011

A World Without Watches

Let us take a decision now,
I'm sure, this one you all will love.

Let's stop our watches and clocks forever
And throw them down a gushing river.

Imagine life, without limits of time.
Void of those clocks and their irritating chime.

We won't have to see those dreadful timetables,
They make me feel as if I'm bound by cables.

We won't have to complete the syllabus within an year.
And the teachers would stop drilling in our ear.

We can write exams to show what we've learned.
And not race the clock, to leave our brains burned.

We can relax, we can sleep. We can be at ease.
And we can give our minds, a state of peace.

We can slow down this race, this frantic pace.
And for once we can give, each other some space.

We can open our eyes and take a look around.
And see mother nature's beauty abound.

We often turn a blind eye, towards the good in our life.
Instead we choose to have tension and strife.

All of us are bound by the watches on our wrists.
They make our lives complex, by bringing in twists.

That's why I say, let's ditch our watches.
And live the life we want, void of any latches.

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