Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Vain Attempt

Tonight seems to be the perfect time,
To immerse myself in poetry’s rhyme.

The ambience is right and the mood is set,
A better chance, I may never get.

So here I sit, I have a poem to write,
And at this moment, everything seems right.

But wait,

Who’ll do the Accountancy homework?
Gosh, my ledger really needs some patchwork.

I’ve got a couple of theorems to learn,
In Economics, and my teacher is rather stern.

Principles of management, in Business must be read,
My teacher stresses it as if it’s my daily bread.

Java and SQL must be filled in my head,
If not I can’t keep my I.P class’s thread.

My English note resembles an empty well,
It should be filled with notes, pell-mell

Thus, its better that I let go of this thought,
Of writing a poem ‘coz I gotta do a lot.

So I close my diary and to my text I'm hooked,
The dish of my poem still remains uncooked.

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