Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Long Lost Friend

Nostalgia is the best of feelings.
It gives us some respite from our daily dealings.

Nothing equals that feeling we get,
While thinking of moments, we don't wanna forget.

But at times nostalgia can be an ache,
Like driving through our heart, a long and sharp stake.

It indeed is painful whenever I think,
Of my long lost friend, it makes my heart sink.

Never have I seen her, for we met online,
But for me our friendship was true and fine.

We had much in common, our birthdays for instance,
But alas! our friendship wasn't meant to be constant.

She disappeared one day from the cyberspace.
She gave no reason and left no trace.

She influenced my life, she left a mark,
But now she's gone and I'm groping in dark.

I tried to figure out where we went wrong,
But I'm still clueless. And it's been so long.

Maybe I was too boring to endure,
Maybe she felt that I'm not pure.

Maybe she thought I was just any other
Stupid guy. And that's why she did not bother.

Still I miss her. I feel her absence.
And all these emotions make no sense.

But hey! That's life. You shouldn't lose hope.
Be brave my heart, 'coz there still is hope.

We will meet if we are destined to meet,
And I wait for that day, it sure will be sweet.


  1. a new generation poet is born!!..not kidding...i just love wat u write..its simple..wid a good meaning..u will fly high 4 sure..

  2. Thanks for the overwhelming compliment buddy....