Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An Evening in a Metro

Once I went to a metro city.
My heart at once was filled with pity.

I had heard: “You’ll find only the rich there.”
But I could only find the needy everywhere.

Some void of money, some yearn for love,
Some wanted friendship, and all in need of time.

The visions of the metro touched my heart,
It’s still hung in there, in some old lonely part.

In the Metro:
All around its breakneck speed,
Everyone wants to be the top seed.
And empathy is crushed, like an old broken bead.

Roads are everywhere like the burrow of a mole.
Like long black snakes rising above all.
But no place left for a nice evening stroll.

Everyone has got their wrist watches.
Some even hang them on their sashes.
But no time remain even for birthday bashes.

I could see a throng of people around,
Going by their routine round and round.
But a happy satisfied face was nowhere to be found.

All around its hot and dusty,
As if a morning fog has turned a bit dusty.
The air I breathed wasn’t fresh but musty.

Is this the haven I’ve heard so much about?
For which the people leave even their abode?

If this is the metro, I have an advice reserved,
This ain’t heaven but hell. Come here only if you’re cursed.

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