Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Michael Jackson – A Tribute

The beginning was humble.
The end was poignant.

He was just one among five,
In his family troop “The Jackson Five”.

His debut single was a simple one.
“I want you back” which was a number one.

In his group, he played the best part,
Which caused his troop to top the charts.

He starred a role in “Wizard of Oz”
Where he met impresario Quincy Jones.

He gave out his first solo “Off the wall”
With which, his faces came up on the walls.

Then came “Thriller” the elegant,
Which transformed him to a true legend.

None of its likes ever came,
And he rose into Pop’s Hall of Fame.

On “Thriller’s” wake came more hits,
Much of runaway hits like “Beat it”.

“Bad” came out as the third,
And “Dangerous” was worldwide heard.

“HIStory” was his story.
“Invincible” ends his story.

Dance was in his blood and bone,
His moonwalk, entirely his own.

He loved his time on stage,
Separated from which, he felt like in a cage.

Truly a legend, truly the “King of Pop”,
His glory was pristine, which nothing could mope.

You do not listen to him merely,
But you experience him merrily.

Controversies were his friends.
Which made him appear a fiend.

He loved children and childhood,
For his, was void of anything good.

Stage was his home, mike was his sword.
Music was his life, and dance, his soul.

He was not a person, but a personality
He donated in person, to charity.

The Thriller is gone but the Trill will remain.
My dear MJ, In our hearts you will remain. 

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