Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Growing Down

All of us grow on on and on.
Won’t it be fun to try and grow down?

Think how cool and pretty would it be,
If one fine morning we are back in class three.

Be free of tension grief and sorrow,
And chase a rabbit out of its burrow.

To watch a butterfly glide, flapping its wings,
And be unmindful of all material things.

To be a youngster, active hearty and hale,
And for just one day, not to worry of mail.

To enjoy the rain, all of its drops,
And spend a day without weeps and mops.

Stop for a minute in this wanton race,
Pause and have a look, at your own face.

You’ll see someone unknown to you
The face of almost all but seen by few.

That is the face common to all desperate,
Those who want their status to merely escalate.

Hang on for a moment, think where you are,
Is this what you wanted? Or have you gone too far?

So move on, but keep this in mind,
You live only once, a rebirth never will you find.

1 comment:

  1. I always think about live my bygone days again..To be 13 again..! and then live all those once more.