Friday, 29 April 2011

"I'm" angry at "me"

Yesterday, 'I' scolded 'myself':
"Why are you like this?
Can't you see the others, you elf,
Why are you like this?

"You've always been so damn rude,
Why is your mindset so much crude?

"You never do think how others may feel.
No wonder when you come, they turn on their heel.

"So much pain your words have caused
To others. A lot of limits you've crossed.

"You are such a moron. Never do you stop to think.
Whatever you feel like, you say it in a wink.

"And then repent later, 'Oh 'I' feel so sorry'
What's the use, its just a baseless worry.

"For the damage has been done, its deep and lasting.
It can't be undone. Not even by fasting.

"So please please have some sense.
So that you don't damage your future tense.

"Think before you speak from now on,
And think of your past, no its not yet gone.

"Learn when to shut your hatch,
And try not to excel in a shouting match"

'I' hope 'I' heed 'me' and that 'I' follow 'my' advice,
That I learn to shut 'my' mouth and be a bit more wise.

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