Wednesday, 27 April 2011


What purpose do these walls serve?
They stand everywhere, even on roadside curves.

They dissect the earth into many fragments,
They limit our minds to selfish segments.

All places are now ‘mine’, ‘his’ or ‘yours’.
No place is no longer ‘ours’.

As time passes, these walls heighten,
Along with which our minds too tighten.

No longer can we think of the plight of others,
As thinking for one’s self had become such a bother.

India is divided by the biggest of them all,
“Namaste” and “Aadab” are on two sides of this wall.

“Change is the only constant”: Marx said decades before,
Its time we change, build walls no more.

Rub out the boundaries, take down the walls,
Lets live together, for each and for all.