Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happy Birthday Yashin

O, you are my sweetest friend,
In all my troubles, a hand you’ve lend.

O Yashin, I love you so much,
‘Coz in my heart, you did touch.

All it takes is your one smile,
To close the gap, be it a mile.

We’ve been together for years eleven,
Together from the age of one less seven.

You’re so cute, you’re so handsome.
You cause no problems, neither are you troublesome.

I wish you my dear, a happy seventeen,
Just two more years, and you’re out of your teen

I wish you have a wholesome life,
And may you get a choicest wife.

Hope we remain friends for ever,
I love you always, forget me never.

Happy birthday Yashin, my friend,
Wanna be with you, until my end.

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